L'olivier au chocolat



Dominio de la Colle in Tarragona, it’s the Catalan soil where grandfather Colle once grew olives. Grandson Lorenzo Colle was only 18 when he inherited the olive grove. He was led to continue the family tradition out of respect for Pierrot, his great-grandfather who emigrated from Spain to Belgium in 1904. But above all: out of respect for his high-quality product, an extra virgin olive oil, a high-standard product used by many Belgian top-notch chefs. The story does not end here. During a culinary brainstorm, Lorenzo Colle, along with food entrepreneurs Sebastiaan Tips and Wim De Bruyne, discovered an original recipe in one of Pierrot’s old cookbooks. An olive marmalade, a forgotten product that olive farmers used to put on their sandwiches. Together with Sebastiaan and Wim, owners of the renowned catering company Coeur Catering, Lorenzo decided to revive this traditional product. Not as a sandwich, but as a filling for a unique praline. Chocolate and olive oil became the basis for Sebastiaan, Wim and Lorenzo’s very own praline label, Pierrot. Their first flavour bomb: a fruity praline with olive jam. Number two in the delicatessen box is an unctuous ganache with olive oil. As for the fig jam or the gin & tonic pralines, they are the ultimate guilty pleasures. While the ganache with 6-year-old Merlot vinegar is bursting with freshness. Five interpretations of chocolate and olive oil like you never tasted them together.

Available as of January 2018:

Tobor (Designmuseum Gent) / Rooftop Gaston (Gent) /
Eetalage (Aalter) / Vijfde Seizoen (Aalter) / Bistro Marron (Deinze) /
Heerlijk Hageland (Scherpenheuvel) / Salons Mimosa (Eeklo)



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